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First opened and founded in 2004, Spindle Tree Manor is being cared for by Craig Windsor and Lynn Reid since the Spring of 2020. After stumbling upon the architectural dream of Tom Brown and Susan Meisner, Craig and Lynn knew that the space was home. 2020 threw some curveballs, but they've been making the property even more magical.


Located in the quaint hamlet of Tamworth, Spindle Tree Manor offers a gorgeous and serene atmosphere in eastern Ontario. Stretching across 20+ acres, the property hosts fields of long grasses, wildflower patches, and rolling hills. Acres of forest and growth, Spindle Tree also has maintained English gardens, an Orangery (a fancy name for a greenhouse), an outdoor pergola, fish pond, courtyards, and even a hedge maze!


These romantic gardens create a warm, welcoming environment for weddings and any other special celebration. Guests can stroll through the lights from the majestic colonnade to the Jubilee Reception area in the Orangery.


With a photographic opportunity around each corner, you and your guests will be amazed. Our venue is a natural, rustic atmosphere that gives you the freedom to plan your special event.


Come to the Manor and embrace the beauty.

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